Festivals hold an unusual lure for the people of Rajasthan and they find any number of reasons to celebrate. Some of these occasions for revelry have been recently introduced by the Rajasthan Tourism Department to showcase the heritage of the region. Chances are, while traveling in the state, you will come across a number of local fairs and festivals in which you can participate.

However, some of the larger and more important celebrations are listed below. (This list does not include those festivals that are common to all parts of the country such as Holi - Festival of Colors, Diwali - Festival of Lights and Dussehra - Festival celebrating victory of Good over Evil.)
Pushkar Fair: Among the most easily identifiable of Rajasthanís many fairs, Pushkar has come to symbolize the heartbeat (Oct. or Nov.)...(details)
Chandrabhaga Fair: The Chandrabhaga fair is held every year at Jhalarapatan (6kms from Jhalawar) in the month of Kartik (Oct-Nov)...(details)
Desert Festival: Jaisalmer exercises immense charm, but with the staging of the annual Desert Festival comes in January or February...(details)
Nagaur Fair: A trading fair for cattle and camels in January ?February, it is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on rural life as owners ...(details)
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